How Serving Can Change Your Perspective [ONBOARD]

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Our OnBoard party is next week and we can hardly wait to meet everyone!  We already know how much fun is planned and we hope it will be greatly rewarding for everyone that decides to join us. Our volunteers are an integral part of making Connexus the church that it is, and we have some of the best!

Speaking of awesome volunteers, today we want to introduce you to Julie!


I grew up going to an Anglican Church, but stopped going when I was 16 years old.  It seemed you were just never good enough for them.  I started back in my 30's and enjoyed it, but there was something missing.  In January 2011, a good friend suggested my husband and I try Connexus.  I was doubtful.  A movie theatre?  The sermon on a screen?  No pews or kneeling?  My husband and I tried Connexus and that was all it took.  We were hooked!

What a great story – we are so glad they came back!  Julie is part of our Guest Services team and we get to see her smiling face at the front doors each weekend!

I love to be one of the first people to greet our guests in the morning.  You never really know how much your smile can mean to someone.  You don’t know what they are going through that particular day at that particular time – a warm greeting can be priceless!

This is so true and we are blessed to have volunteers like Julie that love serving in this capacity!  We also love to hear how our volunteers feel their own faith has increased.

My faith has grown simply by meeting people and hearing their stories.  You don’t realize what makes people tick and how faith has changed their lives, until you talk.  It’s amazing what lessons God brings to you through the voice of others.  I have learned more about God, Jesus and the Bible in our short two years here than I did in all my years prior.  It excites me to think about how far I’ve come and where my faith might take me.

What an encouraging perspective!  Seeing lives changed and faith increased in others can boost our own faith as we serve!  Julie encourages others to find a place to volunteer as well.

Volunteering is easy, fun and you work with a great group of people!  I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful team.

If you think you're ready to check out what kind of volunteer opportunities Connexus has for you, we would love to invite you to the OnBoard party on June 6th at 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm).  Click the link below to RSVP!

RSVP today for the On Board party!


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