How Serving Brings Satisfaction [ONBOARD]

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Things are busy around here as we continue to plan and prepare for the big On Board Party!  We are so excited to see people find a place to serve where they really feel like they fit!  Today we are pleased to tell you about another one of our wonderful volunteers.  Meet Ryan!


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I am a long haul truck driver. When I started working for my current company I had a bit of a restless feeling and wanted to find a new church to call home. I wasn't sure what I was looking for. My Dad had been going to Connexus for a while and was starting to change for the better, so I decided to try Connexus out to see what it was really like and to support my Dad. After the first Sunday I wanted to see more and more and once I did, I knew this was my home. God has really blessed me here.

How exciting!  We hope that everyone who comes to Connexus wants to keep coming back!  Ryan serves on E-team and is also a large group leader in Upstreet and he really loves it!

I am a hands on guy. Helping set up each week is   something I look forward to. I get to work with a great team that enjoys throwing around ideas and seeing what flies. It's like a working small group. We help build each other up.  I also really enjoy working with the Large group team. We help push each other to do our best and encourage one another when we need it. Working with the kids is really cool and it is so encouraging to see a kid's face when the lesson really sinks in.

We love to hear when Connexus volunteers find satisfaction in the area they serve.  We also hope that our volunteers own faith is increased through serving.

My faith has changed. It has humbled me hearing the stories of the people I work with. I am finding more grace in my life. I have a love for people that I have never had before. When you are trying to create an environment for unchurched people, you really start to see people the way God sees them.

Seeing people the way Jesus sees them and leading them into a growing relationship with Jesus is exactly what we strive to do at Connexus!  This mission excites Ryan as well!

Connexus to me feels like an old school home church. Not a church trying to draw people in but a church going out to the people and meeting them where they are at. I am not afraid of what people might think when I invite them to come because it is a church designed for them.  It is exciting to see what the next steps are and the plans God has for us.

It's so exciting!  Ryan urges others to go for it and get involved as well!

Find the place God wants you to be and go for it. The team you work with will help, support, and guide you through any challenges that come your way.

Ryan is a great example of someone that serves well and loves every minute of it. His passion for serving is contagious!  If you find yourself curious about getting involved, we hope you'll join us at our On Board Party on June 6th at 7:30pm to learn about the many opportunities there are here at Connexus.  Just click on the link below to RSVP!

RSVP today for the On Board party!


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