How Joining a Men’s Small Group Rocked My World

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If you've been around Connexus for a little while, you know that Community Groups are a pretty key part of our strategy. You've probably heard about Grouplink, and you've probably been told why small groups are important. However, I'd also be willing to bet that if you aren't yet in a small group you may have some hesitation.

I know I did.

Over the last year I've been through some very personally difficult circumstances that hit me deep inside. The thought of bringing other people who I might not know into that world was frightening. To be honest, I didn't really want to open that door, I didn't want to have to open myself in that way. I have been in amazing small groups in the past, but because of some of my circumstances the idea now seemed intimidating, intrusive, and uncomfortable. However, I recognize the tremendous importance of community, and I had enough wise people in my life telling me it would be a good idea to get into a community group. In September of last year I joined my first men's small group.

It's been absolutely freeing.

My walls didn't come down in our first meeting, our second meeting, or our third meeting, but over the last number of months deep friendships have begun to grow amongst the men in my group. As I became a little more transparent at each meeting I've discovered something incredible. These men struggle as well. Some of them have navigated very similar circumstances to my own. They get it. 

Even over the first couple of months, we've grown together, prayed for one another, studied the word together, celebrated and had fun together. These men have supported and uplifted me in a way that really surprised me, by being transparent and honest.

Our weekly small group has given me a tremendous gift. A place where I don't have to put on a mask, a place where I can have questions, air doubts, a place where I can be myself. And that has changed my world.

At the end of this month Connexus will be hosting Grouplinks at both campuses. Trust me, if you are not in a community group, go. It really could be one of the best decisions you make all year.

– Justin


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