Have You Met Our Love Moves Guatemala Team?

In March of 2016, 12 students accompanied by 4 leaders have the opportunity to go down to Antigua, Guatemala for 8 days. While down there, they will be staying at the YWAM base, serving people in the surrounding area.

They are planning to connect with some of the children they sponsored through Compassion. Along with that, they will also be distributing wheelchairs and Bibles; as well as going with the YWAM staff to give out soup to the homeless of Antigua.

Over the coming weeks we will be featuring each of the team members so you can get to know them better. Three weeks ago, we introduced you to Heather Anne, Renée Vanderstelt, Brianna Leigh and Krystyna Hall, two weeks ago we introduced you to Mike Reimer, Allie Kervin, Mackenzie Richmond and Ruth Johnston, and then finally this past week Sarah Dobson, Keara Voo, Brynn Savage and Mattison Oosting were introduced.

We would like to ask you to continue to pray for our team as they prepare to go to Guatemala.

Meet Andy Harvey, another amazing leader from our team:



Favourite Subject:


Random fact:

I speak Spanish

I love to:

Exercise, listen to music, and play the drums

What I appreciate most about InsideOut:

The conversations and the community

What I hope God does on this trip:

Open our eyes to the struggles of those around the world and allow us to meet someone's practical needs.

Meet Jackson Reimer:



Favourite Subjects:

Geography/History, Gym

Random fact about you:

I am the starting Guard on my high school basketball team (Go Gryphons!)

Outside I love to:

Play and get better at basketball, play Xbox, watch NBA/NFL games, read

What I appreciate most about insideOut:

The fun atmosphere, meeting new friends, and my awesome leaders: Clyde, Max, Max, and Jon

What I hope God does in me on this trip:

Show me what true serving really is, help me gain perspective of our world

Meet Simon Sabo:



Favourite subject:


Random fact about you:

I cut my own hair in this picture.

Outside of School you love to:

I love creating things and doing things myself (i.e. my hair).

What you appreciate most about InsideOut:

Having people who are in the same mind set as me help me when I have trouble.

What you hope God does in you on this trip:

Shows me more of what His plan for me is.

Meet Meghan Goodall:



Favourite Subject:

Music and Geography

Random fact about you:

Peanut Butter is my favourite food

Outside of school you love to:

Snowboard, swim and run

What you appreciate most about InsideOut:

I appreciate the love the leaders have for you and their willingness to help you in your spiritual journey.

What you hope God does in you this trip:

I hope He humbles me through the things that we will do and see, bringing me closer to Him

We are super excited to have these awesome people on our team and can’t wait to see what God has in store for them.

If you would like to support our team financially please click on the link connexuschurch.com/lovemoves and please keep our team in your prayers as they prepare to embark on this journey.




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  1. Dan Shtuka says, March 26, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Hello, I was wondering where I might find pics from the Guatemala mission trip. My niece Ruth Johnston returned from this trip while I was visiting family in Barrie and I would like to share the pics with my family in Florida. Thanks.

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