God is doing something NOW, and we need to respond NOW

Over the past few weeks, Carey and I have been sharing with you the details around the “NOW Offering” and the “10 ForThem Challenge”. Click here for details and videos.

Why is it important? Because God really is doing something now in our church! We’ve recently seen…

    • In the last month we’ve seen 38 people who have made a decision to follow Jesus with their lives.
    • Waumba Land increase by 50%.  We are meeting new young families and those who are attend are coming more regularly.
    • We’re seeing 1,000 people attend our campuses regularly.


The NOW offering and the 10 ForThem Challenge is an opportunity to help us keep up with the growth. It provides us the opportunity to:

      • Fully fund our Children’s Ministry
      • Relaunch our website and social media for full online impact
      • Surpass the current $167,248 shortfall in giving for 2015.


Not only is this exciting, but it’s just the beginning!

In fact, the elders and staff at Connexus have been working for a few months now on what’s next for Connexus. As we look to the future, we want to be a church of 2,000 people by 2020. How will we get there? Here’s how the vision looks:

Multiply Our Reach
Expand into new places where we can reach new people.

      • Launch our next campus and establish partner relationships with Canadian churches.

Multiply Our Influence
Open an online door into the lives of people who may never walk through ours.

      • Launch our online experience (campus) and expand our online platform.

Multiply Our Potential
Mobilize passionate young leaders around the future of our mission.

      • Implement a leadership development pipeline with a focus on young leaders.

Invite More People To Know Jesus
Tell everyone we know, and reach everyone we don’t.

      • Initiate our largest strategic marketing plan across Barrie and Orillia in the history of Connexus.

Add Fuel To What’s Growing
Leverage what God is already using today to create a greater impact tomorrow.

      • We have identified our main growth engines as Sunday Experiences, Family Ministry, and the 4 Things (Groups, Serving, Giving and Inviting). We will continue to leverage these engines and staff them effectively in order to make them more sticky for our new guests as they move from experience to discipleship.

Add Expertise To Our Staff Team
Staff our vision intentionally, so we can pursue our goals with urgency.

      • Looking at current and future growth, our goal is to hire high capacity leaders as we grow our team.

As we create a church that unchurched people love to attend, we want to tell everyone we know and reach everyone we don’t with the message of Jesus. God is up to something NOW and we’re asking that you participate in the NOW offering and the 10 ForThem Challenge to get us started on the right foot.

– Jeff Brodie

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