Giving Away Christmas (January Update)

So, last month we encouraged you to Give Away Christmas.  We've been tracking with our partners over the last few weeks and the final results are in.

You ready?  You have away over $8,000 worth of gifts during Christmas 09 to those in need.  Thank you so much for giving up your want to help meet someone else's need.  Here's what you gave:

– You gave the Barrie Food Bank hundreds of dollars (their online donations were not traceable to Connexus families) and lots of food.  

– Orillia, you gave $2100 to the Lighthouse Christian Men's Shelter. Way to go!

– You purchased 45 wheelchairs for Guatemala (that's over $3200 in wheelchairs!)

– Your donations of over $2500 to ReACT Kenya means 10 children have fully sponsored school years in Kenya.

– And finally, Listen2Learn, an innovative ministry that gives MP3 players to church leaders in Africa received over $400 in donations.

In a small but real way, the world is a better place because of your generosity last month Connexus.  Thank you!

– Carey

TOTAL: $8,380.00


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