For The City FAQ


FORtheCity Offering FAQ

What is the FORtheCity?

There are so many people in our city who feel like life is against them. We want them to know  that God is FOR them! We want them to know that we are FOR them!

As a result, this Fall, Connexus began a 16 month initiative to be FOR the cities of Barrie and Orillia in 4 ways. Click here to get a full picture of what the FORtheCity vision and how you can be involved.

What is the purpose of the FORtheCity offering?

We want to be known in our city as a church that provides hope and gets behind people and organizations. Your financial gift fuels our goals of:

  • supporting our city partners
  • creating more and better space for our young families
  • bringing our Christmas Eve experience to 4 cities (Barrie, Orillia, Midland, Gravenhurst)

The offering on November 27th will provide the financial fuel make these specific things happen – Allowing us to share the hope of Jesus with more people!

Who are our “city partners”?

Our partners are the Orillia Salvation Army, The Lighthouse Christian Men’s Shelter, The Barrie Food Bank, and the Busby Center. They do amazing work and we are excited to get behind them!

Is this replacing the BeRich initiative we’ve done at Connexus in the past?

In the past, “BeRich” was a November/December initiative that challenged us to serve the people around us, including our local partners. This year we felt we wanted to take this to take our support for our cities to the next level with the FORtheCity initiative!

I already give to Connexus regularly. Is this something different?

Yes. Your regular contribution is helping so much ministry happen at Connexus through the year, but this over and above offering on November 27th will help us move further faster in being FOR the people of our city heading into 2017.

Where can I get details on the goals for the offering?

Click here to get a digital version of the card with the details you are looking for. This card outlines our $125,000 “minimum goal” and a $200,000 “stretch goal”. Cards are also available at both of our locations.

Why create two different goals?

We know that the people of Connexus are passionate about reaching people and are incredibly generous. While the minimum goal would help us reach people, we felt it was fair to show everyone how much was possible if we stretch ourselves in our giving. The possibilities are too exciting to keep to ourselves!

What is the difference between the 2 different goals?

The $125,000 Minimum Goal allows us to:

  • Support our partners at the same financial level we have at the past. They do incredible work and rely on us for our support.
  • Increase our Waumba Land capacity by adding 25% more space at both locations. Waumba Land keeps growing and we don’t want to turn young families away.
  • Provide sound gear and software our musicians require to keep our music current.
  • Fund the 4 Christmas Eve locations in Barrie, Orillia, Gravenhurst, and Midland.

The $200,000 Stretch Goal allows us to:

  • Double our financial support for our partners and “bless their socks off.”
  • Increase to our Waumba Land space by adding 50% more space per location
  • In addition to providing needed gear to our musicians, setting up our sound system for the future at both locations
  • Take our marketing and promotion for our Christmas Eve services to the next level

Outside of the a financial gift, what other ways are we choosing to be FOR the city this November?

In addition to our financial goals, our goals are:

  • To collect 4500lbs for food for the Orillia Salvation Army and the Barrie Food Bank.
  • To sign up 500 volunteers to serve people in our city over the coming months.
  • To gather 200 people to pray for our cities on November 22nd and 23rd.

Thanks so much for choosing to be FOR our cities. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please email [email protected]