FORTheCity Devotion Day 4 – People, Not Projects

By Jeremy MacDonald, Orillia Campus Pastor at Connexus Church

READ Matthew 5:14-16


I remember going car shopping for the first time. The first salesperson I met was nervous — I wonder if he had just recently started selling cars? From the opening exchange, I felt like I was hearing the lines out of some secret playbook, “What will it take to get you into a new car today?”

You have probably felt like that before. Like the person across from you was only talking to you because they had something to sell you. Maybe you’ve felt like the person across from you only saw you as a prospect or project, instead of a person.

If you aren’t careful, being FOR people can become the same thing. If you aren’t careful, you can turn people into prospects or projects. No one wants to be a prospect. No one wants to be a project.

Instead, when you commit to being FOR someone you are committing to changing your posture, not taking on a project. When you change your posture, you are repositioning yourself so that God can use you to communicate His love FOR the people around you.

If the hope that we have as Jesus followers is life-giving and powerful, we should want others to experience it.

It’s like when Jesus taught us to not hide our light under a bowl, but to let it shine before others. That light is qualified, it’s good deeds that will help our neighbours see that God is FOR them. Light is only helpful when it gives light to others.

As you look for ways to be FOR your FOUR, make sure that you are trying to be a light, that your heart’s posture is first and foremost acting out of love for your FOUR. It’s this posture of love that will shine brightest.


Being FOR people is about changing your posture, not taking on a project.


Think about the next 24-48 hours and imagine when you might come across one of your FOUR. Brainstorm a couple good deeds that you might be able to do for them that will help them know that you are FOR them.

If you haven’t already shared your four names with us, you can do so here.


Pray that your light might shine to those around you, that they might in turn give thanks to God. Lord, thank you for loving me and allowing me to share the message of hope that comes from trusting in Jesus. I pray that I might be prompted today to see when I can do good deeds that will shine a light into the lives of my FOUR. Help me to act out of an authentic posture of love. Give me the courage to act. In Jesus name, Amen.


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