For the Next City: Day 6 of Prayer

Prayer For Our National Influence

God thank you that you use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
Thank you that you have put people in my life that I can influence.
I confess there are times that I haven’t used that influence to share your love and truth, but I ask that you would give me the opportunity and the courage to do that today.

Thank you for the influence you’ve given our church, and I pray that you would give our leadership the wisdom to use it to reach as many people with your hope as possible.

I pray for the Canadian Church Leaders Conference in June.
As the team is preparing now and church leaders are registering, I ask that you would give the team supernatural creativity and that your Holy Spirit would guide them.

I pray for the speakers as they prepare for the conference. I ask that you would be speaking to them clearly about what they should share, and that you would inspire them.

I pray that you would bring the right church leaders to this event and that you would speak to them in a powerful way. I pray for their churches now and ask that you would be using them to make an impact in their community.

Thanks for those who will be volunteering at the conference, and I ask that they would experience your joy as they serve.

God I know that churches are looking to Connexus for support and partnership as they seek to reach people in their community. Sometimes it seems we have more influence than we realize, and I pray that your Spirit would lead and guide our staff and elders as they create strategies to help churches reach people.

Thank you for how you use the Church to change the world.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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