For The Next City: Day 5 of Prayer

Prayer for Our 10 Year Anniversary Sunday

This coming Sunday is going to be a celebration of your faithfulness to Connexus.
Thank you Jesus for the lives you have changed!
Thank you for your faithfulness!
I thank you specifically for ____________________ at Connexus and the impact that they have had on my life.

God, I don’t just thank you for what you’ve done in the past at Connexus, but I thank you that you continue to call us to reach more people in the future!

So many homes are being built in the communities around us, but churches are closing their doors. It seems like fewer and fewer people know the gospel these days. God help us to change that.
You’ve set up your Church as the hope of the world. Let us be your hands and feet.
Give us the boldness and courage to bring your light to new communities.

As we bring our financial gifts this Sunday, I pray that your Spirit would speak to me about my own generosity and how I can help. You have provided everything I have. It is not my own.

I pray that Connexus would have the funds required not only to launch in Midland, but into communities beyond!
We want to see thousands come to know you for the first time! Continue to put that passion in my heart.

As we come to celebrate your love, faithfulness, and hope this Sunday, speak to my heart.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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