For The Next City: Day 4 of Prayer

A Prayer For The Chance To Spread The Hope Of Jesus Online and Through Our Live Sync

God thank you for the incredible opportunities that technology brings us to spread your message of love, hope, and salvation. As I look at my own life, I confess that technology can become a distraction, and I pray that I would use it in a way that brings you glory.

As Connexus looks to leverage technology to bring the hope of Jesus to people, I pray for all of those who watch Connexus online each week from all over the world. I ask that they would encounter Jesus through that experience.

I ask that those who are looking into this “online window” of our church would choose to step into a local church community where they can build relationships, join the mission, and grow in their relationship with you.

I lift up the desire that our church has to live sync the Sunday teaching so that we can bring your truth to new locations, and all be having the same faith conversations at the same time. This will be a powerful tool that requires expertise and resources to get up and running. I pray for the team who are working to put together the technology needed to make this possible, and I pray that the financial resources needed would be provided.

I pray for our social media volunteers and production teams who deliver our messages at our locations and online. I pray that you would bless them with wisdom and the opportunity to see lives changed. Thank you for the influence you’ve given our church and I pray that the leadership team would be granted the wisdom to steward it well.

I ask boldly that more people would come to know Jesus as a result of our online presence.

Help our church, and me as an individual, to always be looking for ways to share the truth and grace of the gospel with the people around us.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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