For The Next City: Day 1 of Prayer

This Sunday is a BIG day for Connexus and we need everyone praying for this special moment.

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary by committing to bringing life-giving to churches to new communities where the gospel is going dark. In order to make this vision a reality, we are asking everyone to bring a courageous financial gift with them on Sunday.

We want you to pray about your gift, and we need God to show up in a big way. So, are asking everyone to join us for 7 days of prayer FOR the NEXT City as we prepare our hearts for this significant day this Sunday. Let’s pray boldly as we pray together!


A Prayer FOR People in Your Life and Community Today.

God you are so much bigger than I am.
You are bigger than my failures and problems.
You are bigger than my reputation and accomplishments.
Forgive me for choosing to control my life instead of surrendering it to you.
I choose to rely on you today.

I know you love my community and I pray that you would help me see people as you see them.
I confess that sometimes I focus so much on myself that I forget how much you value those around me.
Show me how I can be the love of Jesus to the people around me today.

Jesus, I come to you today on behalf of the people I know who don’t know you yet and need you in their life.
I pray that you would show yourself to them and that they would know a relationship with you.
I pray specifically for ________________.

God thank you for your promise to be there with us when we step out in faith.
As I look to step out in faith in being FOR the people around me, speak to me clearly today.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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