Football, Diversity and Community

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It's no secret that I'm a big football fan…in fact it's one of the things that helps make the transition from summer to winter enjoyable. My favorite team isn't having a great start this year, but that isn't stopping me from enjoying the game.

You may not know this but at the beginning of each game, the players introduce themselves and mention the university they attended before turning pro. And the thought came to me…football is a bunch a guys, from various backgrounds and experiences, intentionally coming together for a common purpose…to play a game they love. It probably doesn't hurt that they get paid well too.

GroupLink is an opportunity for adults to come together to join a community group. More specifically…

  • Married Groups for those who attend along with their spouse.
  • Women’s Groups are made up of single women or a mix of women at different stages of life, including married, single, divorced, and widowed.
  • Men’s Groups are made up entirely of single men or a mix of men at different stages of life, including married, single, divorced, and widowed.
A word to the men for a moment. It's my experience that you could be struggling with the idea of participating in a community group. Can I just encourage you to think of it like football. Think of it as a group of guys (even married couples) intentionally coming together from various backgrounds and experiences for a common purpose. A purpose that is way more important than football.
Life is better connected…and community groups offer a place for you to enjoy meaningful relationships and to grow spiritually. Guys, maybe it's time to get into the game…at GroupLink
Barrie Campus GroupLink | Wed September 25 @ 7pm  Barrie Country Club: 635 St. Vincent St. N, Barrie ON

Orillia Campus GroupLink | Wed October 2 @ 7pm  Best Western Hotel: 400 Memorial Ave. Orillia ON

I hope to see you there.

– Dan


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