For college age adults, we feel that the best thing that we can do for you at Connexus Church is to create a strong local church of which you can be a part. To that end, our first priority for college students is to create a relevant place for you to worship, serve, and experience authentic community.

Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday morning services are designed to help you feel like a welcome guest.We want this to be a place where you are excited about inviting friends who don't attend church on a consistent basis.

Getting Involved

From there we want to help you make friends on a strategic service team. We have several teams and opportunities for you regardless of your unique gifts and passions. Joining a team is simple and will give you a fast track into community at Connexus Church.

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Join a Community Group

Finally, we hope you will join a community group. Community groups are where the deepest and most authentic relationships at Connexus Church are grown. Our goal for groups are twofold:

  • to connect with others in the same stage of life
  • so you can grow spiritually in the context of authentic community.

To join a community group, just register for the next Grouplink.