Everyone Needs A Moment Of Clarity…This Could Be Your Teens.


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Have you ever had the moment where you just could not figure something out?  Maybe it was a problem at work. Maybe it was a struggle with your kids, or a friend. Or maybe it is what just that stubborn Sudoku or crossword puzzle.

If you are like me, the one thing that always helps me find the answer, or even just some clarity, is taking a break. I take a few minutes and step away. Maybe you walk to another room, maybe you go on a hike, maybe you go on a vacation, or maybe you call someone else to ask for outside perspective.

Then, at some point in our break, we have the moment of clarity. Fresh perspective, whether it be the change of scenery, or the time away from our desk allows us to see things a bit differently. Often times, things then begin to click. We are able to come back from the break and solve the problem, finish the task, or restore the relationship.

It is based on this principal that we put on two amazing weekend-long retreats for our students from 6th to 12th grade at Connexus.

We want students to ‘retreat’ or ‘take a break’ from our everyday life to gain a new perspective on life. Turns out, that in this time we work to help them understand what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.

Every year at our Frequency and Vertical Reality weekends students have the opportunity to experience God in a new and exciting way.  They grow deeper in a relationship with a small group leader, and build lasting friendships with peers.   Above all, as they ‘take a break’ from everyday life, they learn to discover Jesus in a new way. They begin to see more clearly what a relationship with him looks like.

I think this is such a valuable time in the life a student, and I would not want a single one to miss out. If you have a student in grade 6-12 and have not registered them for the Frequency or Vertical Reality weekend it is not to late. They don’t have to miss out. All you need to do it click right here to register them for a weekend that could help them gain a new perspective on Jesus and grow in their relationship with him.

Before I go, I just want you to know as the Director of Student Ministries, I'm here to help you too. We have a great team of dedicated small group leaders who can help too.

If I can help in any way at all, email me at [email protected] or call me at the office at 705-721-9090 ext.231. I'd be happy to chat!



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