What’s So Great About Groups?


There's a reason we want you to take a step this fall.

We think you weren't meant to do life alone.  None of us were.

Meet Andrew and Marie-Claire.


They had been around Connexus Church for a couple years… but weren't feeling connected.

They said, “One of our big motivators in joining a small group was getting to know other people in the church. We knew Connexus was where we wanted to be, but being a larger church it wasn't that easy to meet people.”

Now, being a group for the last year, they love that they've made new friendships. Once they got to know people, they've discovered that people at Connexus are really supportive and caring of one another.

In a church community like Connexus, we need community groups. We need small groups.

You might think you don't need another friend.  But what if someone needs you?

If you're hesitant about getting involved in a small group – in the words of Andrew and Marie-Claire, “It's totally worth going for!”

So – now is your turn to take a step.

Get into a community group, grow your faith, discover healthy relationships, do life with people.

Sign up for Group Link now!

Join us on Wed Sept 23rd at 7pm at the Orillia Opera House, 20 Mississauga St W.


Thurs Sept 24th, 7pm at Connexus Church, 20 Mills Road, Barrie.



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