Does God Still Speak To Us?

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Ever wonder why God can sometimes seem silent?

Often, when we pray, it can feel like we're speaking into a void, and getting nothing back.

It can feel like God just doesn't speak back.

But what if he does, in a way we might not expect? In a way that can touch you at your core?

Last week in Orillia, and two weeks ago in Barrie, we talked about some easy ways to read your bible.

What's really cool about the bible is that they're the words of God, passed down to us. Words written by man, but divinely inspired.

As you read your bible this weekend, try praying beforehand for God to speak to you though his words. You might be very surprised at what is revealed to you!

Don't have a bible? Or do you prefer screen to paper? Make sure you check out YouVersion, one of the best online (and free!) bibles out there! Let us know how your bible reading has been going!

We're excited to see you this weekend in Orillia for Part 4 of Accomplished, and in Barrie as we conclude this series!

Barrie Campus

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