Do You Want More Money In Your Pocket For Date Night? (My Life Weekend)

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You want the best for your teenager.

You want to see them grow into unique individuals who love, respect and help others.  You want to see them thrive at home, in school, and at church.  You want to see them grow in relationships with family, friends, and Jesus.

You are not alone in this.  We want to see that too.

Our biggest weekend in Student Ministry is coming up fast – MyLife Weekend!

The early bird deadline is TODAY!

April 25-26th (and 27th for high school students).  Click here to register today.

MyLife is designed to enable the several other people who care about your child the opportunity to pour into them in a positive way.  To share an abundance of love and influence, and to promote a growing relationship with Jesus.

Encouraging your child to succeed is not something you have to take on alone.

These 3 influences are here to help:

  1. Their Small Group Leader – Someone saying the same things a good parent would say.  Encouraging your child to take a step towards Jesus.  Another person walking alongside them to answer questions, give insight, and offer love.
  2. Their Peers – Other students walking in the same positive direction.  Asking the same questions, looking for the same answers.  A group of kids who can encourage, challenge, and support each other.
  3. The Rest of the Crew – Other adults and students giving up their time to create an irresistible weekend.  People opening their homes, driving students, cooking meals, setting the stage, planning games, delivering messages.  There is a whole team of staff, interns and volunteers working behind the scenes already dedicated to making this weekend a success for your child.

Your child doesn't want to miss out on a weekend that is extremely helpful, potentially life-changing, and loaded with fun.

You want to keep an extra $20 in your pocket, SO…

Register by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.  To take advantage of our early bird deadline!

The cost is $105 before midnight tonight (April 7th)  when the price goes up to $125 until  our final deadline (April 17th)

 Register NOW, before its too late!


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