Day 17 – What Comes After Sin?

Day 17


Genesis 6:5-8, 1 John 1:8-9, Romans 3:27-28


I recently spent time with my friend’s son. He is a bright 3-yr-old and loves to read. He is exceptionally curious and constantly asking “Why”?  Know any kids like that?

From his great assortment of books he enthusiastically picks up his kids Bible and asks me to read.  Naturally, I am excited about this.

We read Noah’s Ark. Classic children’s story, right? I very quickly realize the complexity of explaining this story to an inquisitive 3-yr-old.

God sees wickedness in the hearts of people. God’s heart breaks. God drowns every living thing on the planet. All but Noah and his ark.

And so the little inquirer asks:

What is sinning?

Why did they get on the boat?

What happened to everyone else?

My response; they got washed away.

Earlier this week we looked at how we all fall short of ‘good enough.’

When God looked on humanity the first time and saw our sin, He washed all life away with it. As God looks on humanity this time and sees our sin, but He chose to wash it away through faith in Jesus Christ, and we get life.

God extends us incredible mercy through Christ.

God gives us the opportunity to wash our sin and gives us life through faith in Jesus. As we read in 1 John 1:8-9, when we confess our sin we are washed new.


Belong – Because you can belong before you believe.
If you’re like me, you might wonder, “How can the consequence of my sin be death? Why would Jesus need to die in my place?” If that’s you, stay on this journey with us. Your questions are welcomed.

Believe – Because those who belong often start to believe.
If you recognize your sin, and want life promised in Jesus, maybe it’s time to put your faith in Him. What do you need to confess to God today?

Become – Because everyone who believes can become someone new.
This story might be familiar. But what if you heard if for the first time, like a 3-yr-old child?  Reflect on God’s justice and mercy.  Continue to confess your sin, let Christ give you life.

Heavenly Father, you are a merciful God. I know I fall short and cannot be made right with you through anything I do, but only through where I put my faith. Please reveal to me the truth of my sin and the mercy you extend to me in Jesus, I want to be washed new. It is in Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

– by Sarah Flemming


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