Creating a Family Day You’ll Always Remember

By Shane MacMillan, Associate Director of Children's Ministry at Connexus Church

We all have a family.

While some of us have amazing memories from growing up, others couldn’t wait to move out and start to try things on their own. The truth is, when it comes to raising our own kids, we all want to create fun memories with our kids! Why?

Because having fun over time helps shape your family culture. Memories like “Family Day weekend” matter. And we want to help.

This weekend you have the opportunity to create lasting memories, and have fun being in the corner of another family in your city. So how can you have a Family Day this week that your kids will love?

Take home the Family Day Experiment at Church this weekend.

This Sunday we are giving away a free activity you can do as a family this weekend. We want you to win at making the most out of your long weekend by spending quality time with your kids (or grandkids). The activity is a lot of fun, and even ties in directly with what your kids will learn on Sunday!

This weekend is also a great opportunity to invite your friends and family too. After all, they do have the next day off, and would likely love an invitation to hang out. You can turn this Sunday into a fun get-together. Invite them to church and go out for lunch. Maybe even spend the afternoon together doing the Family Day Experiment you'll get at church! Plus it's a lot of fun for your kids to get to play with their friends too.

Remember, Family Day doesn't necessarily have to be spent with just your kids. Making your family larger, and maybe bring your neighbour too! 🙂

What you do this Family Day matters. It matters not only to your family but to others as well.


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