Connexus Helps Plant Two New Churches!

Here’s a good question we’ve heard recently… “Now that our Barrie campus is meeting in our new Central Facility on Sundays, what happened to our old portable gear?”

Here’s the great news, two churches are now getting our Barrie gear ready to plant churches right here in Ontario!

Think about that. 8 years ago a group of people helped buy the gear that got Connexus started at our Barrie campus, and that same gear is about to plant 2 more churches! God multiplied their gift.





C4 Church ( is planning a campus in North Durham ( and is getting ready for their soft launch now.

Destination Church ( in the Niagara area is also planting in 2016.

This is exciting to see!

Join us in praying for these churches as they launch, and pray that the Connexus community would continue to be a group of people who supports and launches local churches in Canada.


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