Christmas Eve Tickets Are Running Out Fast!

Christmas at Connexus

We are so excited about our Christmas services this year.


Because this is the best chance you have all year to invite your unchurched friends out to church.

People who don't set foot in church all year come out on Christmas Eve, and each year we make sure that our Christmas Experiences are some of the best things we do.

You've been inviting your friends, and so far we have over 1200 tickets reserved! That get's us pumped for the life change that is going to happen as a result of Christmas this year.

Got friends you want to invite? Don't miss out! Got family you want to bring along? Don't miss out!

Tickets are going fast, reserve yours today!

This weekend, we have a Christmas message we're calling “Surprise Christmas”. that we'll hear the conclusion of on Christmas Eve. In Orillia, we wrap up “Like Jesus”, with some real fun (Don't be late to this one!)
It's going to be a great weekend! See you Sunday!

Barrie Campus

Surprise Christmas – Part 1 – Never Saw This Coming | Carey Nieuwhof

People were expecting God to come…but not like this. In this message, Carey will explore the Old Testament prophecies that predicted Jesus’ coming…but predicted it in such a way that might make even the most hardened skeptics sit up and take notice. In fact, it might just be the evidence they’re looking for.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

Invite your friend to Barrie here.


Orillia Campus

Like Jesus – Part 5 –Confess and Address | Carey Nieuwhof

So does a humble person never address the problems they see in others? What if someone is out of bounds, harming others or making avoidable mistakes? Do you just let them be? Nope. Even the humble need to take a stand sometimes. We’ll show you how.

8.30 and 10 am | Family Ministry @ 10am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

Invite your friend to Orillia here.


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