No More Eight Tracks: From Broadcast to Podcast

Remember eight track and cassette tapes?  That's how messages used to shared once upon a time (okay, eight tracks were for early seventies music…not preaching, but they're so campy I had to mention them).  If you heard a good sermon, you ordered the cassette.  They made it.  You waited.  You went to the mail box to get it if you lived far away.

CD's were a minor improvement on it.  But basically, it was a limited piece of property accessible only to those who held it in their hand.

Yesterday at Connexus we shared how our online ministry has grown. With over 100,000 online views of our messages so far, we decided this would be a great opportunity to make sure everyone knows how easy it is to access our weekend messages at Connexus. Best yet, it's free, and anyone with a computer, smart phone or tablet can access them any time, anywhere.  Here's how:

1.  Online.  Just go to and you'll have access to our full library of messages.  Messages from 2011 and forward are streamed in full HD…so you can stream them to larger screens or your HDTV.

2.  iTunes.  iTunes is one of the easiest ways to get the message delivered to your computer, phone, or tablet every week.  If you have iTunes installed on your device, the easiest way to start is to click this link and subscribe to our video podcast.

If you don't have iTunes or the above isn't working for you, just click through this little slide show that can guide you step by step to installing iTunes and subscribing to the podcast (plus a few reasons why we think it's a good idea).

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Now you've got direct access.  Any time, from almost any where.  And if you want to share it with a friend, just text, email or message them a link. So much better than eight tracks!

What can we do to make sharing and spreading the message even easier for you?



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