Behind the Scenes

You visit Connexus each week, you have an awesome time, and you invite your friends. Each week we plan for what we call a “predictably unpredictable” service to make that happen. What does that mean? It means that although you never quite know what surprises you'll find around Connexus on Sundays (A few weeks ago the people attending our Barrie campus had the opportunity to walk on water, for real!), what you will be able to expect is an excellent service.

What you might not ever notice, is why and how exactly this happens week in and week out. Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes to make sure that our band sounds great, the lights get cued at the right times, our video is awesome and the lyrics for our songs come on the screen at exactly the right moment?

It's our production team. These are the people you see each week dressed all in black, behind the computer screens and audio mixers. These people dedicate their Sunday mornings to making sure that our services are seamless from start to finish for you and your guests. In fact, our production team believes that if they are doing their job well, you won't notice them at all! But they are in fact a huge part of making our Sunday morning services an irresistible environment.

Many on the team started out without any production experience, and have had the opportunity to grow in their craft at Connexus. We pride our selves in hands on training and one-on-one apprenticeship for all of our volunteers. Some of our team members have even gone on with the training and know-how they gained at Connexus to work in recording studios and in graphic design.

We are so grateful for everything they contribute to our mission. Next time you pass by one of our production team members, give them pat on the back and a thanks! We couldn't do what we do without them.

– Justin


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  1. hardy says, July 18, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    well said…..
    and you deserve the biggest pat (no man you get a hug) great job man week in and week out keep it up.

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