Because… No Matter How Rich You Become, You May Still Feel Poor



Ever think that when you finally have money you'll no longer struggle?

Strangely, even some rich people struggle with feeling poor. I know that sounds ridiculous. Why on earth would anyone who has money feel poor?

There's an emptiness to success, and even an emptiness to financial success that surprises many. That's what I'll be helping you see… and helping you master, during the next Financial Learning Experience at Connexus Church.

I've spent my life studying successful people and what they do that helps them become successful.  The one thing they all seem to have in common was their constant drive and determination to be the very best. Losing was not an option.

So here's the Question. Once you've gotten all the accolades, all the riches, all the trophies, now what?

You should be euphoric, but most people aren't. Maybe you've felt that, too. Ever been promoted but feel empty? Or looked at your tax return and thought “I'm making decent money, but why am I never happy? Why am I always struggling?” That's the tension I'm talking about.

Maybe you've discovered something these superhuman stars have discovered: I call it “the great emotional letdown.” Basically, success didn't feel how they thought it would feel.

The sweet smell of success was bittersweet. After all the confetti settles, and the cheques are cashed and the magazine articles have been written they ask themselves, now what?

What they do next sometimes defines what they will be remembered for most when people look at their legacy.

Ever wonder whether you have a legacy?  Maybe you haven't even thought that's possible for someone at your life-stage or income level. But it is.

God gives us money for particular reasons, and whether you make a lot or a little, you can make the world a better place when you discover how to manage and use money God's way.

I'll be helping you with that during next week's Financial Learning Experience (FLE) on Wednesday March 25th. It's actually a new and improved FLE with new content, but as always it will be filled with practical tips on how to win with your money, whether you have a lot or only a little. Plus, it's a great environment to bring your friends or even your teenage kids to. Together, we'll explore how to live with financial margin and live on mission.

If you're wondering why I'm teaching this year's FLE, in a word, it's because I'm passionate about helping people win with their money. I love to help people find out what it is they are truly called to do if money was no object and see them live with that purpose and cause.

I joined the Connexus staff last summer after over 25 years in the corporate world. I've had a lot of experience with people who've had money and seen how empty it can be and how rewarding it can be. I'm so excited to see people move ahead financially next week.

So – ask yourself… what would it feel like to live a fully funded life? To be able to wake up and do exactly what floats your boat every day.

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That's what we'll be talking about next week. If you haven't registered, register here!


Andy Harvey

Executive Director | Connexus Church




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