Are You Our Next LDP?


Every week at Connexus we hear stories of how God is making changes in people's hearts. We see first hand through people serving and inviting their friends to church that God is writing a new story of hope. The story that God is writing is bigger than ourselves and we want to be a part of it. We want to be a church that unchurched people love to attend and help lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Maybe you have just graduated from high school or college/university and you're looking to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Maybe you want to grow as a leader, be challenged, and succeed in ways you never thought you could. Maybe the Leadership Development Program could be the perfect way to spend your next 9 months.

I have been so encouraged to see how our current LDPs have grown in the past 8 months since their internship here. Some have surpassed their role and are contributing to other ministry areas outside of their immediate responsibilities. They are also leading teams of volunteers and some are leading other leaders.

Here's what this past years LDP's have said about their experience:

I think the most surprising thing that has happened for me, is just how quickly I’ve grown, in my leadership skills, my work ethic, as well as my relationship with God in such a short amount of time. The amount of work to get done not only weekly, but monthly, occasionally and beyond. (Not only in my department, but also in everyone’s department.)

– Emily

I would rate my time as a 9, I love working at Connexus and love the atmosphere. I feel comfortable coming to work every day and feel like everyone around the office genuinely cares about how I am doing and what he or she can do to help me. I feel comfortable going to every single person and asking for help, knowing that they will always be willing!”


I feel like I have the perfect amount of responsibility for both my position and my capabilities. I also receive projects from time to time that stretch what I think I am capable of and force me to grow to meet the situation….I've learned so much here and I'm really excited to use these skills in other aspects of my life. Thank you :)”


I am excited that it's time to begin choosing our next LDPs for the fall of 2013. If you think you could be one of them and would like to find out more information please click here.

– Andy Walker


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