Are You Going Back to Routine but Feel Like You’re Just Doing Time?

It's the New Year!  Welcome to 2016.

So – are you getting ready to go back to work?  Or did you actually take some time off?

Does the routine you're in feels like a rut?  Are you a full time mom?  Retired?  A Student?

Ever feel like you're just putting in time?

What if you didn't have to.  What if you found something more in your day-to-day than meets the eye.

You don't have to just put in time. Because your time is so much more than that.

Join us Sunday as we start uncovering what that looks like for you.  Bring friends with you!

Barrie Location

Doing Time — Part 1— Battle Mediocrity | Carey Nieuwhof

Why is work and even family life so uninspiring at times? Sometimes we expect our boss or our spouse to make work and life awesome. But the scripture has a very different approach. One that challenges everyone to bring something significant to their work, to the family and to life.

9.00 and 10.30 am | 20 Mills Road, Barrie

Orillia Location

Something For Everyone | Andy Stanley

We’re all tempted to think that obeying rules will put us in right relationship with God—if we do what he wants, he will accept us. But we find ourselves having to ask God for forgiveness over and over again. That’s because our heavenly Father’s rules aren’t designed to put us in good standing with God. They’re a reminder that we’re rule-breakers and we need someone we don’t deserve: a Saviour.

9.00 and 10.30 am | Galaxy Cineplex, Orillia


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