Are You a Children’s Ministry Volunteer? Here’s Why You’ll Love Tracy!

Calling all Children's Ministry volunteers…

Catalyze is right around the corner – your specialized Volunteer Training Conference on Sunday Sept 8 (3:30-7:30) followed by a Connexus-wide worship night at 7:30pm.

We were pleased to introduce you to Casey last week on the blog, and this week we want you to meet Tracy!

We think Tracy is fun.  Here's why!

Tracy is 1 of 3 guest speakers at Catalyze: Training from North Point Community Church, our partner church in Georgia.  We receive so much support, teaching and inspiration from North Point on a regular basis and can't wait to host Tracy as one of our guests.

Tracy will be speaking to all our Children's Ministry Volunteers, we can’t wait to share her excitement!

So, meet Tracy.

TracyTracy is the Children's Ministry Director for North Point Strategic Partner Group! Tracy specializes in equipping Children's Ministry teams just like our incredible teams at Connexus! And incase you didn't know this yet – we are a North Point Strategic Partner, one of many partners around the world.

Tracy is passionate about making a difference in the lives of children.  Just like so many of our volunteers! Beyond work, Tracy is out making memories with her family.

Here are some fun facts we've learned about Tracy:

                        1. She LOVES people.
                        2. She's an open book – try her!
                        3. She could spend hours talking Children's Ministry with anyone who shares her love for investing in children's lives.
Tracy says she's ready for Canada, but we think someone might need to mention that it's been almost 30C for the last week!

[tentblogger-youtube F2OABFEBAXg]

As you can see, Tracy is really looking forward to getting to know our Connexus team, learning from our volunteers, and sharing her experiences with us. She is hoping to leave Canada with new friends – and the feeling is mutual!

So, if you are a volunteer and haven’t yet RSVP‘d for Catalyze Training, what are you waiting for? Click here and do that right away! Deadline is Sept 3rd.


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