5 Ways to Make Your Easter More Meaningful

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Easter.  The most pivotal event in all of human history.

For North Americans it means some extra time off. It means we hear a little bit more about Jesus. And there's chocolate.

But there is so much more meaning to what happened after that first full moon that followed the vernal equinox.

If you're searching for more meaning, for the spiritual significance of the season, or for why it's personal to you, think about these 5 ways to make your Easter more meaningful.

1. Plan to attend and arrive early for Good Friday & Easter Sunday services.

There is a reason people who don't attend church regularly join us at Easter.  There is something significant about this weekend, and it's not just because the Bible says so. It's better than that. So, plan to arrive early, get comfortable and use the margin to reflect on why you're there.

At Connexus, we have one Good Friday Service at 10:00a & two Easter Sunday Services at 8:30a and 10:00a, held at the Galaxy Cinemas in Barrie and Orillia. Click here for more information.

2. If you are a regular attender, choose to attend the 8:30a service.

When you choose to attend the 8:30a service, it is less crowded and you open up more space for new guests at 10:00a. It's a thoughtful gift, that simple.

3. Don't miss Good Friday, we will share communion.

Today, the day before Jesus was crucified, “He took some bread and gave thanks to God for it. Then he broke it in pieces and gave it to the disciples, saying, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this to remember me.” (Luke 22:19).  If you follow Jesus, we will do this in remembrance of Christ together on Good Friday.  If you are not sure about Jesus, we welcome you to attend our Good Friday service.

4. Read the eye-witness accounts of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Whether you have followed Jesus for years, or you're undecided about his identity, read the eye-witness accounts of Jesus' death and resurrection this weekend. Take time to think on this. What does it mean — really mean — if this is true and personal?

Here is a great place to start:

Luke 23 – 24  |  John 19 – 20  |  Matthew 27:11- 28  |  Mark 15 – 16

5. Take personal time to reflect and pray before or after attending.

Easter can fill up with places to go, people to see, family to visit, but if you want more meaning or personal significance to Easter — stop.  Pause.  Find a quiet space.  Talk to God, He'll listen.  Pray through what's weighing you down, look to God to fill you up, thank God for His unconditional love not one of us deserves, and imagine yourself at the foot of the cross.

Really, that's where we all are. At the foot of the cross. At the mercy of Jesus.


We hope you will make this Easter more meaningful, more personal.  Because Easter is for you.


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