5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Community Group

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January marks the time of year when many of us choose to make some changes; changes in our diets, activities, spending habits and other lifestyle choices.

Making choices that can improve our health and lifestyle are worthwhile, but joining a community group might be the best decision you make all year? I'd like to personally invite you to GroupLink, an event we host two times each year. Not sure it's for you?

5 Reasons to Join a Community Group:

1) If you want to grow spiritually you need to be connected relationally.  Maybe you've been attending Connexus for a while now and you enjoy the coffee, the friendly atmosphere, the music and practical teaching. If you still think something is missing, it's likely that you're not really interacting with people in a meaningful way. There is only so much that can happen on a Sunday morning. That's why we say “circles are better than rows”. There are certain things that can happen in someone's living room that just can't on a Sunday morning.

2) God designed you for relationships. Even if you're an introvert like me, you'll still benefit from staying connected to others. All of us grew up in some form of family, many of us work with others, play sports with others, go to classes with others…let's face it….much of life is done with other people. A community group is another way to connect with people for mutual benefit.

3) We all need a break from our busyness. I know what you're thinking, “If I join a community group, I'll be busier than ever.” But I can tell you from experience, when I arrive at my small group, settle into my chair with a snack and interact with the rest of the group, it feels like a break…a well-needed timeout from my busy calendar. I always go home, encouraged and refreshed. It may seem counter-intuitive but it's true. I'm too busy not to be part of a community group.

4) We all want to be known and cared for by someone. When you share life with a group of people, they often become the ones you turn to when you need help or encouragement or prayer. Historically in the church, pastoral care has been done by…well…pastors. Hey, I love meeting with people, visiting people, even in hospitals. But even as a campus pastor, I can't effectively care for hundreds of adults. At Connexus, adults care for one another and do it better than I ever could. Don't believe me? Check this out Did you watch? What a great story of love, compassion and care. Hopefully you never have to face a life & death situation, but imagine being part of a group like this, if you did?

5) You will grow in your faith. As you share your stories, discuss the Sunday message, pray for one another, serve alongside each other even share a meal together, the value of doing life together becomes so real and personal. Where else can you share your life journey with others in a context of trust & love with a keen sense that you belong. It's a unique experience that is waiting for you in community.

That's where GroupLink comes in. It's here where you can get connected and experience the benefits of community.

Barrie: Wednesday, February 5,  7-9pm @ Barrie Country Club
Orillia: Thursday, February 20,  7-9pm @ Brewery Bay
I hope to see you there!
– Dan


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