3 Ways to Make Group Work as a Young Family

By Jeremy MacDonald, Orillia Campus Pastor

You’ve heard us talk about it before. Circles are better than rows. You can’t grow spiritually until you connect relationally. You probably even believe it. But the challenge is that life is a little more complicated. Maybe you have a baby that goes to bed early. Maybe you have a toddler who is hard to entertain. Maybe you have an elementary kid and babysitting is expensive. Maybe you have all three!

Experiencing strong community and growing spiritually is worth the effort. But it also doesn’t have it be too complicated. Here are three helpful ideas to make Community Group work as a young family:


  1. Pick a convenient time to meet

Most people default to thinking that they need to meet on a weeknight. That can be hard for a young family. Why not set up a Saturday morning group so the kids can all play together? Or how about a Sunday afternoon group that operates like a potluck? Groups should take priority in your calendar, but it’s up to you to decide where in the calendar.


  1. Pool together for one babysitter

Childcare definitely adds up. But if everyone in your group is in the same boat, why not pool together your resources and have a babysitter (or two) who commits to consistently looking after everyone’s kids in the same venue?


  1. Work as a group to create flexibility in your schedules

The pressure of meeting at the same time every week can sometimes make the task of gathering seem overwhelming. So manage the expectations by working with your schedules. Maybe together you schedule the dates that work best for everyone ahead of time. Maybe commit to twice a month for a season? If you commit to times that work for everyone, it will help you follow through and build great relationships.

We want to make Groups work for everyone!  What has worked for you in the past?




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  1. Rose roseMeeder says, February 2, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    good points! they work:)

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