3 Reasons You’ll Want to Meet Casey Ross at Catalyze

Hey Connexus friends!

We are gearing up for Catalyze this fall, a huge training event Sunday Sept 8 (3:30-7:30) followed by a Connexus-wide worship night at 7:30pm and we want to see you there!

Not only that, but we are going to meet 3 incredible guest speakers at Catalyze: Training from North Point Community Church, our partner church in Georgia.  We receive so much support, teaching and inspiration from North Point on a regular basis and are thrilled to be hosting Casey Ross as one of our guests!

Meet Casey.

Casey Ross Headshot
Casey is a Director at North Point, working with Strategic Partners (like us!) around the world. He loves to talk about things like leadership development, Guest Services, staff and teams… and so much more!  He says the best part of his job is the people he gets to work with.

Outside of work, his #1 place to be is laughing with his family, Casey and his wife, Julie, have 3 kids under the age of 11; Bennet, Canon and Teague.

Casey will be speaking to our Adult Small Group Leaders and our Guest Service Team in September, we can't wait to soak up his insights.

Just FYI:
Everyone that knows Casey knows he loves Chick fil A (a little too much) but most people don't know about his secret love for playing board games… and winning!

And why are we so excited for you to meet him?

Here are the 3 biggest reasons we think you'll love meeting Casey:

    1. He is passionate about helping people get even better at what they do – in whatever role they do!  That's you!
    2. He already loves you. Casey has been tracking with Carey and Connexus Church since we were trying to decide what our name would be. He has always been a fan from a distance, and he is excited to meet you!
    3. We think he's partially Canadian and doesn't know it.  🙂  Watch below.

[tentblogger-youtube kJ-Dw76ysYA]

So, if you are a volunteer and haven't yet RSVP‘d for Catalyze Training, you want to click here and do that right away.

Hope to see you there.


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