We’re Killing the Awkward Part of GroupLink

You’ve heard us say it: you and I need community. And the primary way we join community at Connexus is by getting into small group.

The way you get into a small group is by participating in GroupLink. Until now, GroupLink has been a two hour event where you show up and hopefully find a group you can be part of.

But that can be hard. You’re only available one night a week and the people who are available that night don’t seem like they’re the right fit for you. Or you try to join a group only to discover it’s already full. All of which, we’ve learned, can be awkward.

So guess what?

We’re killing the awkward part of GroupLink.

GroupLink is a brand new event that should make getting into a group easier than EVER for you. And we REALLY want you to get into a group.

Here are the details for the new GroupLInk:

  1. We’ve added Dinner, and it’s on us!Yup! That’s right — this time when you come, we’re serving dinner and it’s on us! Why? Read #2
  2. You’ll be Meeting your Community Group – Not Finding OneWhen you arrive at Grouplink you’ll be meeting your Community Group, your leaders and the people we’ve prayerfully selected to be in your community group.In the past, GroupLink was where you came to find a community group…this time we’ll be doing all of the work ahead of time and based on everyone who has reserved their spot we’ll find the very best fit for you.
  3. Under 29, single and looking to find community at Connexus with others like you?No, this isn’t an online dating site we’re launching but…if you’re looking to engage in community, grow in your relationship with Jesus and have some fun with others like you, we’re creating a Community Group specifically for you. BUT….yes, there is a but….we need you to reserve your spot at GroupLink on Sunday, February 28th! So do it right here, right now, don’t wait!

Are you ready to get more connected at Connexus in a Community Group? Here are 3 things we need you to do ::

  1. Reserve Your Spot – Yes, to make sure we can do our best to help you connected you must reserve your spot at GroupLink for Sunday, February 28th at 5pm. Do so by clicking here, now!
  2. Attend GroupLink – To be connected in a community group you must attend GroupLink…it may sound tough, but you are meeting your community group for the first time and you don’t want to stand them up — it’s week 1 and you want to make a good impression 🙂
  3. Commit – We need you to commit to attend your group for 7 more sessions. Each Community Group goes through a trial period. At the end of your trial period you will have the opportunity to discuss moving forward as a community group for the next 18-24 months…if it’s not a fit, you don’t need to commit for the remaining time your group will meet.

So there it is, the 3 reasons GroupLink is better than ever and the 3 things you need to do to make sure you get connected into a community group. We’re SUPER excited about this and we know you will be happy you’ve made the choice to join a community group in 2016!

One more time for all the details about this coming GroupLink ::

Who should attend? :: Anyone, from either campus, who is looking to find greater community at Connexus through joining a community group

When? :: Sunday, February 28th at 5pm

Where? :: The Connexus Central Facility, 20 Mills Road, Barrie

How do I Reserve my Spot? ::  Click here or go to connexuschurch.com/grouplink

So that’s the new format.

One more thing: why would you doing this again?

You and I need the same thing.  It might look different, feel different, sound different.  But at it’s root, it’s the same. You and I need meaningful, healthy relationships.

Why?  We weren’t wired to do life alone.  Whatever you’re going through, celebrating, struggling with – you weren’t meant to do it alone.

Not only that, but in the context of relationships, we can grow spiritually.

Your faith is so much more than just where you sit on Sundays.


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