15 More Reasons to Celebrate


This image of Jen from our Orillia campus being baptized Sunday night pretty much says it all.  

  • So thankful for what God has done in the lives of the fifteen people at Connexus who stepped forward for baptism last weekend.
  • So thankful for family and friends who crowded the lawn to sing, pray, cheer and celebrate. 
  • So grateful that people in every age group got baptized Sunday – from age 10 right through to 70.
  • So thankful that you continue to work so hard to see Christ impact lives.

The baptisms Sunday night I think gave me enough energy to power a small village for a few years.  Like the size of Toronto.  It was thrilling to see God at work.  In our short, 20 month history, I think we've seen over 40 baptisms so far.  Powerful to see God moving in so many lives. 

Thanks for the privilege of serving in this community with you.

And finally thanks to God for the privilege of seeing him deeply at work.

– Carey



  1. David McDaniel says, August 26, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Connexus has got to be the most innovative former Presbyterian church I know of. You certainly take your "sprinklings" seriously.

    We at North Point in Atlanta count our blessings every day that somehow we get to be associated with such a great church.

    Thanks for partnering with us. We love you guys and the life change you're experiencing.

  2. Joey says, August 27, 2009 at 6:33 am

    Go Jen – what a wonderful picture!!!!

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