Rob and Emily Murphy – “I Was Trying to Control My Marriage”

“When you feel like you have no hope, and you feel like  nothing can be fixed in your life, God can redeem everything.
God has the power to change everything.
God healed my marriage, and that was something I never thought could be fixed.


Meet Rob and Emily.

Rob and Emily have a healthy, strong marriage.  But they wouldn’t have always said that.  And they will tell you now that it’s only by the grace of God that that’s true.

After meeting many years ago and getting married, Rob’s abuse of alcohol and Emily’s drive to control their marriage led them both to a place of heartbreak, separation and devastation.

At rock bottom, when they turned to God individually, God gave them hope, love and restoration. Ultimately, He brought them back together.

God healed something they never thought could be healed.  Their relationship with each other.

When Rob and Emily surrendered their lives to Jesus, they both began personal relationships with their Heavenly Father.

Today – Jesus leads and guides their life and marriage in a whole new way. It’s incredible to see how God can redeem us both in this life… and the next!

It’s our privilege to celebrate Rob and Emily’s baptism and faith stories!



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