How You Can Experience God By Praying For Someone Else

At its most basic level, prayer is when the posture of your heart communicates your desire to connect with God. In many cases, you are bringing to God something or someone that’s important to you. When you pray for someone intentionally and specifically, two meaningful things can begin to happen: You start to look for…

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5 Ways to Help Your Family Adjust to the Time Change

Daylight Savings is this weekend. If you’re like us you often find yourself struggling to get a decent amount of sleep. Stress, worry, our kids, and work are just a few of the things that keep so many of us up at night (some of which Carey Nieuwhof will be talking about in the new series, Stress[Less]). And losing…

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I hated telling myself the truth about this

By Jeff Brodie, Lead Pastor at Connexus Church I had the privilege of playing soccer at a fairly high level into university. To endure the daily hours of training required to play at that level, and stay on top of my studies, I had to love competition. The desire to win is what pushed me.…

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Creating a Family Day You’ll Always Remember

By Shane MacMillan, Associate Director of Children’s Ministry at Connexus Church We all have a family. While some of us have amazing memories from growing up, others couldn’t wait to move out and start to try things on their own. The truth is, when it comes to raising our own kids, we all want to…

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5 Canadian Church Myths Worth Busting (And An Invite to Join Us in June)

Canadian Church Leaders Conference

We’ve seen God do some incredible things at Connexus over the last 9 years. We’re so thankful for that! And now, for the first time we’re opening our doors to the wider church in Canada as Connexus hosts the first ever Canadian Church Leader’s Conference on June 8-10th 2017 in Barrie. Connexus people…we’re going to give…

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3 Ways to Make Group Work as a Young Family

By Jeremy MacDonald, Orillia Campus Pastor You’ve heard us talk about it before. Circles are better than rows. You can’t grow spiritually until you connect relationally. You probably even believe it. But the challenge is that life is a little more complicated. Maybe you have a baby that goes to bed early. Maybe you have…

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The #1 Reason Your Front Door Is Closed

This blog post was written by a ministry friend of Connexus and we thought it was a great story of what it means to care about the people in your life who need to know that God is for them. We hope it inspires you to have a heart that genuinely loves people who feel…

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5 Hidden Time Stealers You Can Eliminate Today

How many times have you gotten to the end of a day only to wonder where all the time went? Or more accurately, wondered where your productivity went. Welcome to the club. Productivity is easier to measure with some jobs, where you’re dealing with tangibles (how many diapers have you changed today … how many…

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5 Reasons 92% of People Fail At Their New Year’s Resolutions (And Why You Won’t)

new year's resolutions

It would be great to crush your New Year’s resolutions for once, wouldn’t it? I mean you try, but why does it seem so difficult to actually make progress in life? I get that. I think we all have a few resolutions that make it on the list every year, only to be abandoned, forgotten…

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How To ReWrite You in 2017

So you’ve drafted some New Year’s resolutions for 2017. You desperately want to live a new story…but how do you rewrite you? Believe it or not, that’s something God is deeply interested in as well. As Paul reminds us, if anyone is in Christ, he or she is a new creation. You know what the…

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