Give a one time Accelerate Christmas gift over and above any regular giving to help us accelerate into 2019!

Join the growing number of people who are regularly giving 10% of what God gives them back into the mission and start to accelerate life change all year.


2018 has been a special year of momentum at Connexus as our church has grown in incredible ways and God continues to change people’s lives! Attendance, new guests, baptisms, groups have all seen record growth.

But we aren’t stopping. In fact, we are boldly asking God to accelerate our momentum into 2019 so we can reach more people with the hope of Jesus!

In order to be ready for what God is going to do in 2019, we need to accelerate into the future. To do that we are going to:

1. Fuel our volunteer investment

We will provide a world-class conference for our volunteers in June, equip them with better training and online tools, and provide more development opportunities to better serve the significant increase in the number of unchurched guests we are meeting every week.

2. Fuel our ministry launch platforms

We will create an 1800 square foot full-scale assembly and production hub so we can resource up to 6 Connexus locations. We will also take our website and online presence to the next level so we can move from reaching thousands to tens of thousands.

3. Fuel our equipment

We will replace the aging audio equipment at our Orillia location which will now standardize equipment and training across locations. We will also replace aging trailers with a safe storage and transportation solution. We want to be equipped for years of growth.

4. Fuel our Connexus community partners 

Let’s surprise our community partners with the most generous gift we’ve given them! We want to accelerate their ministry in 2019!

We want to accelerate, not pump the brakes.

If we don’t address these tensions they will slow us down, but if we pour fuel on all three of these we will accelerate into 2019 and beyond! The total cost is $275,000 and we’re asking everyone to seek God and ask what He would have them give financially to help us accelerate.

Help us accelerate into all the opportunities God will put before us as 2019 dawns. Give your Accelerate Christmas Gift to Connexus by December 31 2018 to so we can fuel 2019 with passion and power.


Ultimately this is about people, and our passion and commitment to introduce them to the hope of Jesus no matter what it takes - by creating churches that unchurched people love to attend, and leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Imagine when we can say, “hey God we are ready for what’s next!” We’re ready to reach more people than ever before!

Let’s accelerate into future by fuelling 2019 for more of what God is doing today.